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To live is Christ and die is gain will be the exact verse for our beloved

Dec 08, 2019 | Dr. Mathew Kuruvilla

Rev Reinhard bonkee a truly man of God in every sense,my role model whom I looked up to so much, who always when we met said we are of the same spirit fulfilled his desire to be with the lord. Whenever we met he always said I want to go,I want to see Jesus face to face , Jesus whom I preached without seeing,loved Jesus so much, I want to see him.I was preaching as my daughter broke this news. I could not preach but broke down.Year before last when we had breakfast together at his house was such a joyful time as he shared his heart with us as a family. We loved him so much . He leaves behind a responsibility to us to do what he did SAVES SOULS. Our heart goes out sister Annie and the family and Bro Andrew who always was with him. We stand by you in prayer.

Ps Mathew kuruvilla (Tangu bro)