Heavenly Feast
We, the youth of heavenly feast, are disgusted by the false rumors that the media is spreading against our senior pastor Dr.Mathew kuruvilla (Tangu uncle). If we want our society to be corruption-free, let's start by supporting people like him. Tangu uncle started the Reach World Wide organisation, which is responsible for thousands of people having a hot meal every day. He alone is responsible for many orphans now getting educated. The list is endless. He is a man with a big vision for Kerala. If you feel this is a big crime, do tell us what you have done for our society lately? Most people are missing the big picture that Tangu uncle intended them to see. It was never his intention to build a big church. It hasn't even been about Heavenly Feast. It was always about kids, teenagers, young, old and anyone else, to live in peace and harmony without corruption, poverty or hunger. This is the only thing we were taught by him. We are glad and proud to have had a mentor like our Tangu uncle and we will love him and support him all the way. #endcorruption


Persecuted Church