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Rest in Him

Sep 15, 2018 | Raunaq & Dr. Sara

God saved the people of Israel from the pharaoh to get them out of their misery and to give them rest. He wants every mankind to rest in Him. When the earth was created, man was made to rule over everything and to enjoy the fellowship and freedom with Father God.
We find ourselves wandering away from His rest because we tend to do things on our own. When we have responsibility everything is on our head. Hence, we are scared it will not work according to our plan ie; if we will fail. That causes us to overthink and lose our focus on Jesus.
Jesus is calling us into His rest. He wants us to just relax in Him. No worries, no tension, just to put your burden on Him. The only one who can do a miracle in our lives is Jesus. So let Him be the boss over our lives. Give him your Lordship. Once your lives are out of your hands and in HIS, you don’t have to worry a bit . Because you know He will take care.
Don’t you know how much Jesus loves you? That He wants to get involved in even the slightest and the smallest detail of your life? And He wants to make it beautiful.
Let Jesus do what you cannot do. Let Him make it wonderful. So give your life into His arms and learn to just relax in Him
He knows what He is doing and it is better than what you think you are doing best.

– Sara