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Prayer request ‘reversed’!

Jun 14, 2017 | Dr. Thomas Abraham

One day a lady called me up desperately and opened up a long list of sufferings she was facing from her husband and mother in law. Everything she told me were complaints about what she was not getting as a wife. She was the only believer at home. She wanted me to pray for a change in them.

As I was beginning to pray, the Holy Spirit told me to tell her that instead of praying for their transformation, pray for a change of attitude in herself towards them. Holy Spirit directed the exhortation to the cross where Jesus was giving His life to those who were trying to take it. They could not take it but He laid it for them! Through that He is still winning lives!! Paul and Silas were beaten and wounded by the jailer. Instead of complaining, they praised the Lord and brought down heaven into the prison. To that man who gave them wounds they served hope! Finally what happened? The jailer himself washed their wounds, took baptism under their hands and took them home and served them meal!

On hearing this the lady reversed her prayer request : ” Brother, please pray for me to be changed. I want to change my attitude to ‘giving’ instead of ‘getting’. Now I understood that it will be me who will be the gainer, thus my Lord and my family will be happy !” So let’s ‘reverse’ some prayer requests too!

Thomaskutty Br