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Fellowship with Christ Jesus

Aug 26, 2019 | Dr. Mathew Kuruvilla

It is very important to understand the revelation of the Word in order to avoid reading the Bible as any other book. Without the revelation of the Word we can hear sermons or read the Bible but Christ will never be revealed in our lives. Israel had very good knowledge of the Word but they never recognized Jesus when He came. Same is the case of a Christian who reads the Bible without the help of the Holy Spirit and is eventually not able to fulfill the calling of God in his life. God doesn’t want us to depend on human knowledge but instead He wants us to operate on the faith that He has given us – the faith to move mountains! The Bible says that the faith that God has invested in us is immeasurable and we who have that faith are unstoppable. It is already in us and God wants us to use it for His purpose in us. That is why righteousness and faith work hand-in-hand.
Righteousness is the boldness that God has given us so that we can have fellowship with Him. God has not set any limits in the lives of those who are baptized into Christ and there is no natural law that will not submit to us.This is the reality of the Word of God!
Do you know to what extent miracles can happen in your lives? It can happen to the extent that you believe! For this we need the revelation of the Word because the revelation of the Word breaks all the limitations that we ourselves have set in our minds. We limited ourselves by not seeing us the way God saw us. The truth is, we were actually limiting God. But can you and I limit God? Yes! We can limit Him in our lives by not having fellowship with Him.
1 Cor 1:9 says ” God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord”. Called us into the fellowship by making us as righteous as Him and Ephesians 4:24 says that we were created in righteousness and holiness like Him. Paul says in Ephesians 3:8 that the unsearchable riches of Christ is now in the Gentiles. Jesus is Grace and He gave Grace. The finished work of Jesus is grace for grace and we know that grace is what we don’t deserve. Do we deserve to sit with God in heaven? We don’t, but grace provided a seat for us in heaven with God.
Now why did God do that for us ? He did it so that He could share His heart with us. And for this He made us holy and righteous like Him as it is written in Ephesians 4: 20. The optimum was God and He gave it to us so that we could boldly have fellowship with Him. He is the Vine and we are the branches. He made us one with Him so that His life, His glory and all His goodness could flow into us. Then all the lack will be wiped away and we will be fruitful in every good work. No one will see the Vine. They will only see the fruit in us. They will see the fruit – our boldness and the authority in our words. The world will not see God but they will see God manifested in you and they will recognize God in you!! Like how it was when Jesus walked on this earth, the world will be astonished when they see you because you have the same mandate as Jesus when you walk in fellowship with God. People will be amazed at the authority in your words . Your words will burn in them and you can boldly say ” I am born from above!”.
When we fellowship with God, He implements in our lives the very purpose that was in His heart according to His original plan of creation. He executes this today through His church. In His original plan, He wanted to fill the whole world with His glory and He does it today by manifesting His glory in you and me. What a glorious display you and I are!!
Today we are the display of God on earth!
You are His family! You are the child of God on earth! You are the bride of Christ ! You are His all in all !
God has made us His co-workers. Let us fellowship with Christ and manifest His glory wherever we go!
– Tangu Brother