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“Oh taste and see that the Lord is good !!”

Mar 11, 2017 | Healing

Shilpa was lost for words in her attempt to express the love and sweetness of Jesus in her life. There were times in her life when nobody could help her family in their dire straits. That is when they experienced the intoxicating, sweet love of Jesus.

Shilpa’s mother Ancy had hurt her spine and that had left her incapacitated and under a lot of pain. Her father had to work during the day and later care for her mother after he got back home and this made his life very irksome. All these mishaps made Shilpa’s childhood very distressing. She recalls those days…”My mother started developing a back pain in 2004.Since she didn’t consult any doctors or take any treatments in the early stage, the pain and her situation worsened. She couldn’t stand on her own or look after me or my little brother. She could hardly hold a glass of water in her hand.

My father took her to many doctors. The orthopaedic surgeon who examined her couldn’t diagnose her illness and the medicines prescribed were of no effect. So she was taken to a neurologist and yet her situation became worse than before. Finally we took her to an ayurvedic doctor who found out that she had inflammation and swelling in her vertebral discs. The medicines that he prescribed had to be prepared at home. My father would return home from work and would spent hours making the medicine which required the extracts of fresh coconut husks. Early in the morning he would do all the chores and get us ready for school and leave for work all tired and exhausted. My mother would lie on the bed and watch us helplessly with tears in her eyes. While on the bed, she remembered an occasion where she had attended a meeting in Heavenly Feast years ago. She requested my father to take her for the meeting but he disagreed to it. She even asked us to take her there and leave her at the meeting and go. But none of us accepted her request to go for the meeting.

One day, when I was at home with my mother, my mother’s sister came home with three ladies who were ministering at Heavenly Feast. I saw my mother crying and requesting them to pray for her. They asked her a question, “Do you believe that 2000 years ago Jesus Christ died for your healing also?” This question pierced her heart and changed her mind. Even though we were born in a Christian family, none of us had a personal relationship with Jesus. While my mother was thinking about their question and saying in her mind, ’’why should I be sick if Jesus died for me also?’’, they laid their hands on her head and prayed for her. After praying, they commanded her to walk in the name of Jesus. Amazingly, after a long time, I saw my mother rise up and walk. I saw her being healed right before my eyes . She began to praise God and run to and fro inside the room. I can never forget how she picked me up and placed me on her lap. This healing was a gift that Jesus had given me! When I witnessed the healing and the manifestation of HIS Resurrection power in her body, nobody had to teach me about the love and sweetness of HIS love… I experienced it !!
That evening when my father returned from work, I ran to him and brought him to the room where my mother was. He was taken aback when he didn’t see her on the bed, but was so shocked when he saw her carrying a bucket of water to give my brother a bath. On hearing what had happened, he was overjoyed and he hugged us with tears of joy rolling down his eyes.

I can never forget the day Jesus came into our lives. Jesus led our lives from then onwards. Now my father is doing the Lord’s work and is a minister of THE Heavenly Feast church. We moved from a rented house to our own house. Jesus honoured us in our studies. What a big privilege it is to know this sweet love of Jesus.”