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No More Headaches!

Jan 27, 2018 | Healing

I had headache since my school days. When I was 18 years old, the headache became crucial. It affected my late night studies. On a Sunday morning, when I was standing inside the church, a volunteer of the youth came and asked, “Do you have any testimony to share with us? If so, you just write it on this card”. As I was suffering from such a killing headache, I requested her to give me a prayer request card. In a hurry, she gave me a card and I just kept it inside my Bible. Every day when I do pray, my roommates also came and sat beside me to hear me sing praise God. After that, I used to go to the terrace, look at the sky and speak to God in spirit. On that evening, I prayed to God, “Jesus, my friends know that I am a believer. Still I am carrying this headache. They are asking me to meet a doctor. I can’t carry this anymore. Heal me… do a miracle”. I went to bed usually at 1am. Next morning also, I woke up with such a terrible headache. I started to walk restlessly all over my room. I felt so angry then. I came out of my room and nobody had woken up, it was 6.30 am. I stood in the corner of the verandah and laid my right hand on my head and shouted, “Today is your end. Evil spirit, get out of my body in the name of Jesus”. At that moment, I felt something fly away from my head. A miracle happened! I checked my body. I tilted my head, I jumped… I checked it in many ways. I quickly I came to my room and took out my Bible to read a verse. But I got a card from my bible written ‘Testimony ‘. I wondered, I had asked that girl to give me a prayer request card. Unknowingly she gave me a testimony card. I shared my miraculous experience with my roommates. They were amazed. I wrote my testimony on that card and shared my experience the next Sunday.