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From a Victim to a Victor!

Jan 27, 2018 | Healing

The series of failures and strives between his parents made Abbin feel like a loser and he ended up being an alcoholic and a drug addict. Right from when he was in grade12 he had started smoking cigarettes and while doing his engineering, he was already addicted to drugs. His mother’s sickness and father’s alcoholism made his life even more distressing. He found it difficult to study in the midst of this and he was always away from home and with his peers. Visiting home became a very rare event and even when he visited, he would be so drunk that he could not even care or show any affection to his parents and relationship with them started to fade away. Seeing the leftovers of drug abuse and empty liquor bottles in Abbin’s room made his parents more and more anxious. The inflow of money and drugs turned him out to be a drug dealer. Eventually, he began to take strong and insane drugs which even made him unconscious. Amidst all, he had a strong desire for something… he began to yearn for an inner peace, seeking his own spirituality. His pursuit of peace made him reach Nepal.

There, on 25 April 2015, something happened that initiated a metamorphosis in his life. All at once there was a big tremor and he was shocked and shaken. It was an earthquake!! There was a big chaos around him- the earth beneath his feet was shaking and the people were scampering here and there in a panic. He was aghast to see people dying before his eyes. In his fear, he fled to a nearby rescue camp and took abode in it. At the camp, a random guy said to him, “Lucky man, the prayers of your parents have saved you”. He immediately called home and told his parents that he was safe. On hearing that, his father cried and thanked God. Abbin could never hold a peaceful conversation with his father for more than ten minutes but now this incident changed his heart with having a realization, how silly our lives are!

He managed to reach home safely but again returned to his old ways. Meanwhile, his parents began to attend the prayer meetings at Heavenly Feast. One day he was compelled by his father to attend a prayer meeting at his sister’s house. There, the man of God said to him that his life was going to change and that he would be able to sleep well (since he was finding it difficult to sleep well). He also advised him to apologize to his parents. There, he was captured by the love of God. After coming back to his sister’s house, he had an encounter with Jesus. He found the peace that he was searching for, in Christ. After coming back from his sister’s house, he went back home and apologized to his parents and they were in tears. This incident was an assurance for him that his parents still loved him. Later, when he went to take a shower, he heard a voice inside him telling him, “Tomorrow you are going to get out of this. Tomorrow you are going to meet your friends and those who bought drugs from you are going to call you. There is no way you are going to escape from this. Several times you have tried to quit drugs and you have not been able to get out of it”. This bothered him a lot and he ran to his room and locked himself up, fell on his knees and started crying out like a small child. I said, “Jesus, You told me that You loved me and that man of God told me that my life is going to change, I know I am weak but I believe that You can change my life”. A sweet voice inside me said, “Open the Bible”. I opened the Bible and read 2 Corinthians 12:9 which says, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness”. When he read that, something like a balloon exploded in him and he started laughing out loud. Jesus delivered Abbin from all his addictions. Everything just left him. From that night till now, he could not even smoke a cigarette. Jesus restored his relationship with his parents. He didn’t have to take any effort to do it. That one encounter with Jesus changed his life!

Jesus changed Abbin ‘s life to such an extent that he has become a witness wherever he goes. He accompanies Tangu Bro in the North Indian crusades and is used mightily by the Holy Spirit in the TnT meetings. He is also the Co-ordinator of the anti-drug campaigns of Reach World Wide. As Abbin talks about the love of Christ that captured his heart, the Holy Spirit confirms his testimony by touching lives and changing victims to victors.