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Freedom From Darkness

Mar 20, 2017 | Healing

Oleen was under a lot of pain and bondages and she had a curse stricken childhood. After her father’s death, she was tormented by a fear of death which made her on the verge of depression. She was gripped with a horrifying fear and her mother and her brother were shocked to see her unusual behaviour patterns. Later she was treated by many psychiatrists in Thiruvanandapuram but it was of no use. Thrice she attempted to write her plus two exams but that again was a failure. Very soon she was attacked physiologically also. Her body started to show various symptoms. She had intermittent stomach pains, low blood pressure, breathing difficulty, migraine and all these made her feel hopeless. She began to hate her life and she kept reminding herself that she had no hope for a good future.

One day she decided to put an end to all her difficulties and she tried to commit suicide. While on the very act, her mother who had gone for a prayer meeting ran back home and told Oleen to accompany her to the prayer. Though she had never been to a prayer meeting before, she accompanied her mother to the house meeting. Oleen says, “I felt I was carried by someone to the meeting. While the Word was spoken, I was filled with a great peace .I experienced the immense love of Jesus there .When I got back, I was able to sleep peacefully after many years.”

The next day she attended the church service at Thiruvanandapuram. During that meeting the brother who was ministering said,”Jesus is healing a person who has a severe stomach infection”. Oleen says ,” At that time, I felt Jesus touch me. With my own eyes I could see my body being healed. Jesus healed me completely during that service. My relatives and friends were amazed seeing my healing. Jesus removed all my fears and the suicidal tendency that I had. My house was filled with great joy. I decided to live the rest of my life for Jesus.”

The miracles did not end there. Jesus gave her His wisdom and empowered her to study further .She graduated in B.A Lit and completed another course to become a Health Inspector. Jesus came into their lives as their Father. Jesus gave her a blessed life partner. Now they are able to bring many to the Lord.
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, ”Light shines in darkness and darkness could not comprehend it”