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Financial Breakthrough

Mar 22, 2018 | Financial

My name is Praseetha. During my school years, my family went through severe financial difficulty that sometimes I even had to ask my colleagues for the bus fare. I was an average student and because of lack of money in the house, I used to dread that I would have to discontinue my studies but while I was in grade 10, I came to know Jesus . My life took a new turn… and I began to taste the goodness of the Lord. After my 12th grade, Jesus opened a way for me to do MBBS in China, absolutely free of cost. He even gave me the confidence to learn Chinese and to appear for the MBBS exams in which I passed with flying colours. At present I am working as a doctor in a hospital in Kerala. Jesus lifted my family from a pit of troubles and He even gave us our own house. Now not only do I enjoy the goodness of the Lord, but I greatly rejoice that I am able to pray for my patients and heal them in Jesus name!