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Faith; the substance of things hoped for…

Mar 19, 2019 |

Jerry Maria came to Heavenly Feast for the first time in the year 2006 . In 2015, she attended the new year service on 31st of December as usual and the rhema for the year 2016 was -The Year of Restoration. Just like any other person she attended the service but took hold of the spoken Word by faith. She was doing her Bachelors then at the Fisheries College in Kochi. She was not a very brilliant student but she believed and received the message for that year in faith. In that same year, in 2016, Jesus restored her education. What happened next is really amazing. She was given the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship which is worth rupees 50 lakhs from European countries and she was the only person from India to be selected for that batch! As she continued her studies abroad, she heard from her parents the Word that was that was preached for 2017 -The Year of Accomplishment . When she heard that prophecy, though she hadn’t attended the meeting ,she knew that that was the rhema for her, for that following year. She came back to India in September but knew that the spoken Word had to be fulfilled before the year ended. She believed and God honoured her faith. Another miracle happened. She was given the Marie Curie Scholarship which is worth rupees 1.5 crores plus she receives a certain amount of cash as pocket money. She was again the only person to be chosen from India. Her course has begun on the 7th of January in Italy. If any of you receives Jesus’ Word in faith, you can be sure that there will be a miracle!!