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Reach World Wide

One day a man came seeking prayer to the house of Dr. Mathew Kuruvila the founder president of Heavenly Feast. This man had business of his own but had failed in all his business. He was then working as an employee in the same shop he once owned for himself. The man told Dr. Mathew that he did not have money to even purchase food for his children that he could not bear the sight of his children crying of hunger. The man left Dr. Mathew’s house after prayer. Later to the shock and surprise of Dr. Mathew he knew that this man had committed suicide. This incident left in Dr. Mathew a strong desire to prevent death due to non availability of  food. He shared this desire to his brothers in the church and REACH WORLD WIDE was born with the intention to eradicate hunger from this world. God bless this initiative.
Feed the hungry program was started on 26th July 2004 and on 10th August 2004, the Hon’ble Governor of State of Kerala, India inaugurated the reach World Wide. Now at Kottayam and many other cities, an average of 1500 people are being fed everyday. Backed with the support of over 10,000 members of Heavenly Feast and with confidence in Jesus Christ who command to “Feed the Hungry”, Reach World Wide is making a difference to the life of the needy and the hungry.
A pure charity organization registered at Kottayam, Kerala, India, anyone from any community with kindness and love to the people in need can join this initiative. Let the Grace of Jesus Christ keep you and your generations in abundance.