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Persecuted Church

It is without any doubt that there has been no other movement which has been persecuted like Heavenly Feast till date. This happened even when we have done only good to the society and as far as possible never criticized anyone or any organisation. While the constitution of India boast of freedom of expression of religion,the Heavenly Feast tent was attacked and brought down and the believers were beaten and persecuted.

The church is now moving from one place to other giving huge rent for conducting services, while our own place lies vacant without being given the sanction.Remember,this is happening at our own place where we have been worshiping for 12 long years with all legal papers. Even we are being persecuted without reason and inflicted injustice for no cause let us continue to love and serve our society in the love of Christ remembering the Word of God: “Let us not become weary in doing good”.(Galatians.6.9)