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Let the Seed in you grow!! (Part 1)

Sep 05, 2019 | Dr. Mathew Kuruvilla

When God created Adam & Eve, He gave them the authority to rule and to reign but that authority was stolen from them by Satan through deception. Later, when Jesus came as the Last Adam, He came as a perfect man, disarmed and defeated Satan at the Cross and delivered us out of darkness and conveyed us into God’s Kingdom. Now all authority has been given to us and he cannot oppose us. He is no match for you. So he can’t even look at you or touch you but he can do one thing – shift the focus of your mind from the WORD to the world. He does not fear a person who prays, but he fears a person who trusts in God’s Word. Jesus and His Word are the same. His Word gives us tremendous peace and His peace rules in our hearts. That is why the devil tries to steal the Word from our hearts where it is sown.
Mark 4:15 says, “And these are the ones by the wayside where the Word is sown. When they hear, Satan comes immediately and takes away the Word that was sown in their hearts”. Jesus refers to the Word as a seed. Why do you think the Word is called a seed? The Word has life and so does a seed. When a seed is sown, it doesn’t become a plant the very next day. Same is with the promises of God. The Bible says that the promises of God are inherited through faith and patience. God gave us seed (the Word) instead of a fruit because the seed can sprout and grow to bear plenty of fruits and we can enjoy those fruits forever. The growth of the seed might appear slow but it will never fail because Jesus Himself is the surety of the New Covenant.
Mark 4:15 says that the seed is sown in our hearts. It is not enough to be just hearers of the Word. We need to receive the Word and protect the seed that is sown in our hearts and then the sown Word will lead us to an intimate relationship with Jesus. You cannot trust someone’s words unless you know the person. Likewise, a personal relationship with Jesus will help you trust in His Word. So, receive the Word and spend time with Jesus who is the Word so that you will be fruitful. God bless you!
– Tangu Brother