Heavenly Feast

Dr. Matthew Kuruvilla ( Tangu Brother)


The Biography of Dr. Mathew Kuruvilla Pastor Mathew Kuruvilla was born to Mr. K.C.Kuruvilla and Mrs. Grace Kuruvilla. Mr.K.C.Kuruvilla was the press superintendent of Patna University. They had three children and Pastor Mathew was the youngest and was known by his pet name-Thangu. While they were traveling to Kerala for their vacation by train, Mr.K.C.Kuruvilla passed away at Madras. Mrs.Grace Kuruvilla came back and settled down in Kottayam with her three little children. She had no steady income and struggled hard to make both ends meet for their education and other daily needs.

Br.Tangu was 13 years old and started his studies in Vidhyathiraja School. He took up a door-to-door sales job to meet his educational expenses. He completed his B.Com degree from C.M.S. College and by then had already emerged as an established dealer in medical equipments. His business improved and money started to flow in. He married early at the age of 23, as he feared that he might get into the wrong track of life due to his affluent life style. His wife is Ani from Chengannur Padinjare Nakolakkal family.

In 1992, he had a drug allergy, Steven Johnson's syndrome. His doctor said that he would loose his eyesight completely and his body was decaying. During that time, he had developed sores all over his body. He was treated by Dr Ramesh Nair in Carithas hospital. Where doctors gave a verdict of no hope, God miraculously healed him and made him whole.

This incident brought him closer to God. He started attending the worship services at the Indian Pentecostal Church. After some time the pastor there asked him to take baptism and Br.Thangu was not willing, as he did not know why he should be baptized. Therefore, he stopped going for the worship, as he felt uncomfortable.

He was testifying that Jesus healed him of Steven Johnson's Syndrome. At that time one of his friends asked him; what is the proof that Jesus healed him? Because all religions have, Gods and many miracles happen in all religions. So they insisted that it was his good time that he is alive and not because of God. If God, which God? Br.Tangu was very confused and he started experimenting with many religions, sorcery, and witchcraft and so on in his quest for the true God. Finally, he reached the conclusion that there is no God! His experiments gave him an impression of horror about Gods. He started thinking in the ways of an atheist. To him all the Gods were same trying to make people afraid and exhort money.

 In 1995, he heard the news that the Tatas were going to market the Sumo Jeep. In those days, there was not much of a choice in different brands of vehicles. Br.Thangu wanted to buy the first Sumo in Kottayam. He went to Pune, gave a huge amount as margin money, and drove the vehicle down to Kottayam. But on his way he met with an accident on the Pune national highway. The Sumo crashed into a truck. Br.Thangu was admitted in Karad Medical College. On the third day when he became conscious, he realized that he was paralyzed below the neck, and many of his bones were broken. After four days he could hardly move his hands and legs only with someone's help to move about. He flew back to Kottayam, and was bedridden. No one ever thought that he would come back to normalcy. At that time, the I.P.C organized a meeting at Muttambalam school grounds, Kottayam for Pastor Amos A Singh. He attended the meetings with the help of his family.

Pastor Amos A Singh gave a very powerful message and explained about 3 visions he had:

    1. A fish was hooked on a fishing line 2 times but the fish ate the bait and escaped. The third time the hook caught the ribs.

      Bro. Tangu's appendix burst and the body was septic. He was operated for eight hours and was spared.

      (Resembles of Steven Johnson's Syndrome)

     Br.Tangu slowly moved his hands over his ribs, which were fractured during the accident.

   2. At a seashore an old lady and a young child were having a severe argument. Old woman arguing with the young child is; all the traditional churches and movements. The young child is; the new revival movement starting from the city (Heavenly Feast).

   3. While Pastor Amos Singh was ministering, a drop of oil fell on his fore head and it flowed down in abundance to become a great revival movement all over the world. The revival will start from Kottayam and the fire will spread all over the world.

The message at the end influenced Br.Tangu who gave his life to Jesus Christ. He was helped forward by his family and Br Amos prayed for Thangu br. Later Bro. Amos A Singh asked him to walk without any help, in the name of Jesus. He was touched by the power of God. In his own words Br.Tangu said, “I could not believe I was standing without anyone's help. I felt deep peace come over me. I have gone to many religions and have seen many miracles but it is only Jesus that can give peace that surpasses all understanding and the Joy of the Holy Spirit. It is not the relationship with a book or the religion but the person Jesus Christ. His blood removes every guilt from the conscience. It took him one and a half years to walk freely. He was baptized under Pastor P.J. Daniel on December 13, 1995.

But the problems were yet to begin. Because of the accident, he was bedridden; his business collapsed and had many liabilities. The debts increased day by day. Those were the days of great tribulation for him. However, it was these time that he had a close walk with God.

One day as he was pouring out his heart to the lord, he was taken into a different plane of thoughts. He saw a vision, where there was a great fire burning, and there was a man inside the fire crying out for help and desperately trying to get out. This vision gave him the drive to evangelize to people around him and to lead them to Christ at any cost. He ran around like a mad man and talked about Jesus to all his friends, in spite of all the problems in his personal life. Because of Br.Tangu's persuasion, and his testimony, some of his friends came together to pray. He says as he recalls the vision. I saw two helpless people. One man on fire and another was Jesus Christ who had all the power to deliver that man but he needed someone to execute. I said Lord I am ready. Whenever I feel tired or sad I see this vision and again stand up and more.

It started as a prayer meeting with about 5 to 6 people at his office at Kanjikuzhy. Many more started to come, so they organized it in Pension Bhavan Auditorium. He hired it for 300 Rs for a day. In those days there was no offering taken. So some times he used to borrow money to pay rent. Mr. P.R. Baby from Ernakulam came to conduct meetings. At that time, Thangu did not know how to speak publicly. One day Mr P.R.Baby could not come for the meeting. The next week also he could not come and Thangu did not want to disappoint those people who came for the meeting. So he spoke a few words which he could recollect from some one else's speech. But after the meeting many people came forward, showed their appreciation and said that they felt it was like a personal message to each of them. Therefore, he spoke at the next meeting too. He prayed for many people and many were healed.

 Once a convention was organized in the colony of Kachuvelikunnu. Many of those at the meeting were poor people who were looking for true deliverance in their lives. Even the police were not successful to control the crime in the colony. One lady's eyes were healed. Soon after many people started attending the meetings. After the meeting, the whole colony got saved. By now, the number of people started increasing and the Pension Bhavan auditorium could not hold them.

 One day Br.Tangu was invited to a house to pray for a sick lady who was suffering from Parkinson's disease. There he met Pastor Thomaskutty. Br.Thangu prayed for the lady and she was instantaneously healed. From that day onwards, Br.Thangu and Br.Thomaskutty started ministering together at prayer meetings. This prayer meeting became a trans-denominational movement, irrespective of caste, creed, and religion, where people joined hands to praise the name of Jesus.

 As the crowd increased, it was called Br. Tangu's fellowship. This hurt Br.Tangu as he said it is Jesus not Tangu who heals. It was at this time he prayed Lord give me a name. As they were ministering in Madras in 1997, a lady came and said that she had a word from God. Br.Tangu and Br.Thomaskutty and the team prayed with the lady who prophesied, ‘‘Son, don't call your meetings crusades do not call it festivals, but call it ‘Heavenly Feast', for I your God will serve Heavenly feast through you to the nations of the world.' This name was again attested by another prophecy. Thus, the movement came to be named as “Heavenly Feast”

 In 1998 December 27, Br.Tangu was in fasting prayer at home for 10 days. At night, the spirit of the Lord woke him up and asked him to walk. He walked towards Kottayam town and was led to one of the tallest buildings in Kottayam. The spirit of the Lord showed Kottayam and the surrounding area. He rebuked the evil powers over Kottayam and started praying for the lost souls of Kottyam. From then he could see many people of the town who were once lost and shattered with no hope, getting saved and enjoying the love of God.

From Pension Bhavan they moved to Suvarna Auditorium, from there to Karthika auditorium, from there to K.P.S.Menon Auditorium. Thousands started to be saved and thus there was no auditorium that could hold the crowd. Thus by faith they bought a factory shed at Nattakom. But this 14000 sq feet also got filled very soon. Thus, God arranged a large area of land at the heart of city of Kottayam where we worship and hundreds get saved every week.

Every Sunday now, more than 15,000 people are assembling here to worship the Lord Jesus. In addition, we have actively working self-groups in different areas all over the state, used by the Lord for setting free the multitude.





Encounter with God at Rev.Reinhard Bonke's meeting at Cochin Kerala in 1998.


Heavenlyfeast has not yet started when Rev.Reinhard Bonke had his fire conference and crusade at Cochin,Kerala,India in 1998. It was Dr. Mathew Kuruvila's great desire to see Rev.Reinhard Bonke at least from a far distance. Then he prayed, fasted, and asked the Lord to fulfill his desire. Since Br.Mathew was not known at all, he was not invited and was disliked by many pastors for his boldness and outspokenness to preach Jesus Christ. He met one of his pastor friend who said he will help Br.Mathew to sneak into the VVIP meeting, but warned him, that is if he was found out other pastors would delight him to throw out. Br. Mathew was to take a risk. He sneaked into and sat in the crowd praying that he should not be caught so that he can have a close glimpse of Rev. Reinhard Bonke. As Rev. Reinhard Bonke came into the place, Br. Mathew got excited as he could see him. But God had seen the desire of Br. Mathew. As the meeting was going on the organizers came and asked the pastor friend of Br. Mathew whether he knew any one who could speak English, who could serve the dinner to Rev. Reinhard Bonke and his team as the person who was supposed to serve the food got suddenly ill. "Yes" the pastor friend replied, "but you may not like him.” "Does not matter, as the purpose is very important,” replied the organiser. Br. Mathew's heart came to his mouth in joy when he was ushered to the place specially meant for Rev.Reinhard Bonke and his associates. Thus as the meeting finished, Rev. Reinhard Bonke came into the place which was cordoned of Rev. Reinhard Bonke and his associates only. Thus great desire not only to see but to speak to Rev. Reinhard Bonke became full filled and as Br.Mathew served food and talked to Rev. Reinhard Bonke. Rev.Reinhard Bonke got introduced to Br.Mathew and asked if he was willing to serve in the crusade which Br.Mathew was very excited. Rev. Reinhard Bonke asked the organiser to give Br.Mathew an official badge so that he can be with him in the crusade also. Thus everyday, even though the organisors did not like, Br.Mathew was with Rev. Reinhard Bonke. Last day of the Fire Conference, Rev.Reinhard Bonke was going to lay hands, Dr.Mathew Kuruvila was escorting Rev.Reinhard Bonke from the stage to the special place where Rev. Reinhard Bonke was laying hands. On the way Rev. Reinhard Bonke asked Dr.Mathew Kuruvila his desire for which Dr. Mathew Kuruvila said that he want to be millionaire in souls. Rev. Reinhard Bonke said, "That’s my dream too", so I am going to lay hands upon you, whatever God has put in me. Suddenly one of the organisers came got angry with Br.Mathew, and said "enough you go to the stage and I will accompany Rev. Reinhard Bonke for lay hands". Br. Mathew had to stop getting ready to go to the stage as Rev. Reinhard Bonke walked ahead. After taking ten steps Rev. Reinhard Bonke stopped turned around and shouted " Come Br. Mathew" for which Br. Mathew replied and said " this organiser want me to go to stage ".Rev.Reinhard Bonke got angry and told the organiser. " You go to the stage, Br. Mathew will accompany me. "Thus Rev .Reinhard Bonke said get ready as I am going to impart whatever God had put in and laid hands upon Br.Mathew. “ Nothing is impossible with God if your desire is genuine." Ministry of Dr. Mathew Kuruvila changed after laying of hands. Wherever he went thousands started t gather, outstanding miracles were done through his hand.

December 19, 2008 Heavenlyfeast, came into existence.In seven years the church has grown from 0 to 15,000 with attendance on Sunday service even more. Dr.Mathew Kurvuvila travels all over India and the world-shaking cities and towns under the power of God. He always recalled Rev. Reinhard Bonke's statement "Don't pray for revival, but make revival happened. Don't wait till the iron is hot but strike till the iron is hot.”

This encounter with God, through His servant Rev.Reinhard Bonke changed the whole ministry of Dr.Mathew Kuruvila. Today Dr.Mathew Kuruvila filled with the fire of Holy Spirit and Spirit of Evangelism. He dreams, seeks, moves ahead, pressing on to see India saved. Plundering hell to populate heaven as Rev. Reinhard Bonke said.



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